“It is excellent news that this next generation of the framework has been launched offering clients such as ourselves a comparatively swift and compliant route to market with a wide selection of quality contractors.  In addition to offering a procurement solution the framework also provides us with a framework and methodology for realising real social value as part of our development investment.”

Barney Harle, Head of Major Projects, Manchester City Council

“We decided to utilise the NWCH Framework because it aligned strongly with the Client’s key drivers for the project; Quality, social value and collaboration. We then had great support from the Framework operator’s from the very start, and this continues as we are going through our procurement activities. Even when we hit a couple of bumps in the road in engaging a contractor, the advice provided was excellent and we got through it. Now, as we move through the second stage, with a Contractor on board, the engagement is working very well. We have a good, quality driven and collaborative, team doing their very best in particularly challenging times for the Client. We are all hopeful that we will deliver our exciting project successfully through this framework approach.”

Dean Carrick – Associate Director, Commercial consultant, Doig and Smith

Against a backdrop of challenging timescales, and limited internal experience here at the Council, the NWCH has provided our organisation a procurement vehicle ideally suited to the delivery of our regeneration programme. The framework offers a user friendly and speedy route to market, with a wide range of high quality and experienced contractors. The NWCH team were quick to engage and deftly supported project officers in navigating the procurement process; ensuring that our tenders were well considered, compliant and enabled the Council to select a ‘best fit’ construction partner.

Rebecca Lord – Major Projects Manager (Radcliffe) Business, Growth & Infrastructure, Bury Council

"Cheshire East Council have been a user of the NWCH frameworks from the initial set up in 2011 and we have consistently used them for the majority of higher value construction projects undertaken by the Council. The collaborative ethos, public sector governance and innovation of the NWCH has affected real change within the region and is a leading light for best practice. Long may this continue".

Andy Norton – NWCH Board Member
The “Constructing the Gold Standard” review (Cabinet Office 2022) claimed, that while construction frameworks are widely recognised as the best medium through which procurement and contracting can deliver transformational improvements, that clients and suppliers urgently need a Gold Standard to help them identify what questions they should ask when they are creating and implementing them.  The NWCH Board has wholeheartedly welcomed this independent review by Professor David Mosey.  Since inception, the Board – comprised of experienced public sector clients – has acted to ensure that the NWCH is governed. lead and managed to ensure that its clients and suppliers are enabled to deliver successful projects for their communities.  “Constructing the Gold Standard” builds upon and upgrades the Cabinet Office’s “Effectiveness of Frameworks (2012” report that has provided the principles upon which the NWCH is operated.  As we move into 2022 and beyond the NWCH will continue to enable promote, better, safer, faster and greener outcomes from projects and programmes of work, net zero carbon and social value targets.
Professor Peter Mcdermott (NWCH board member)
Having been taken through the new NWCH website I think it represents a huge improvement on its predecessor. I found it easy and clear to navigate around and more succinctly articulates the importance of the Hub and what it can offer for potential clients. The value proposition of the Hub in terms of offering a collaborative approach for project teams is clearly captured in the new website. Accordingly, it promotes to work the Hub as a procurement framework where partnering philosophies for clients and their project teams can be more readily adopted and implemented.
Jason Challender (NWCH Board Member)

"Integration and Collaboration are key principles of constructing excellence. For over ten years the NWCH has been a vehicle to bring public sector clients together to procure collaboratively and to drive integration and collaboration amongst their suppliers. The Contractor Partners work together to develop and strengthen North West Supply Chains helping to bring resilience, improved productivity and better jobs to the region. Regular audits of social value performance and quality of delivery are shared nationally with the National Association of Construction Frameworks (NACF) the Local Government Association (LGA) to help shape the future of the national procurement strategy."

NWRCAs 2021 Judges comments
“Well, what an achievement – well done to everyone involved, the finished building is a great testimony to hard work and teamwork, drawing on the skills of the public and private sector to deliver a fantastic new asset for the council and the community.”
Graham Pink (Director of Commercial Management & Delivery, Cheshire West and Chester Council)

"When considering procurement routes for the significant investment the University was making to deliver new Science, Engineering and Environment Building, we knew we required a reputable framework.  Having reviewed the options available to the University, the North West Construction Hub was the natural choice. This was due to the governance and proven track record of successful delivery coupled with the promotion of early engagement with an open and collaborative approach to delivery. The framework’s culture has provided confidence, cohesion and an impeccably design facility prior to commencement of construction. The collaboration and constructive dialogue that we have benefitted from make have been problematical if we had tendered outside a framework of this type".

Dr Jason Challender (Director of Estates & Facilities, University of Salford)

“We’ve been a client of the Hub for 5 years and we wouldn’t keep going back if it didn’t deliver"

Clare Huber (Head of Construction, Major Projects and Markets, Cheshire West and Chester Council)