The new High Value Framework is off to a start as NWCH stage launch event

The new High Value Framework is here!


On Thursday 26th January, the University of Salford’s School of Science, Engineering, and Environment set the stage for what was the launch event for NWCH’s fourth incarnation of the High Value Framework.

After welcome and introductions from Framework Manager, Ian Hall, Chairman of the Board, Jared Allen gave NWCH insight to those attending on behalf of those contractors appointed to this Framework.

Ian Hall followed with an overview of NWCH and an explanation of the structure before several interactive sessions centred around the questions: ‘Why did you bid for the HVF’, ‘What are NWCH USP’s?’, ‘What are your expectations of NWCH Team?‘, and ‘What are your expectations of the HVF?’. 

Framework Manager, Katie Rothwell-Emery introduced all to the successful Professional Services Framework before answering questions about how the Frameworks interact. This was closely followed by Rachel Duke, Framework Manager, speaking at length about the NWCH KPI tool, Social Value Portal, delving deep into the recording of KPI’s and their importance to the cause, and explaining the worth of regular contractor partner/NWCH management ‘washing machine meetings’.

Up next was a recap of the performance of the 19-23 High Value Framework by Business Development Manager and Client Liaison, Mike Tyler, which preceded information on potential clients, the future pipeline, and the business plan.

The penultimate speaker was University of Salford’s own, and Vice-Chairman of the NWCH Board, Peter McDermott who provided valuable insight on NWCH from inception, to present day, from the point of view of a long-standing and engaged board member.

After closing remarks, and a lunch and networking session, attendees had the pleasure of touring the award winning Science, Engineering, and Environment Building, which was procured through the NWCH High Value Framework.

Feedback was universally positive with all excited to be part of such a highly regarded Framework.

From NWCH, we are excited to have all of these top-tier contractor partners on board and look forward to a successful collaborative relationship resulting in the delivery of many high-quality projects.

Welcome aboard!