Robertson implement BIM at HOME arches

The in-house team at Framework Partner, Robertson Construction recently undertook a cloud point survey of the existing arches which are a part of Whitworth Street West and HOME Manchester.

This task was undertaken to better inform the design at RIBA Stage 2. The existing information was captured and a BIM model was then produced which will go right from Stage 2 through to in-use by Manchester.

Robertson undertook the survey in 1 day and produced a BIM model within 5 working days which has significant information within it. The model will be used to develop design, provide the BIM Level 2 requirements of Manchester City Council and offer the end user and council an asset model that is useful for future management.

Stephen King, Digital Construction Manager in the region, has been working on output from the model with the design team. Jon Matthews Architects and WSP as engineers for mechanical, electrical, civil, structural and rail have all benefited from the model to date.

Initial Logistics images


Point Cloud to model images